Monday, 2 February 2015

Exact or Estimated?

Identify 5 numbers from the website of your choice and answer the following questions as comments.

1. URL of website
2. The 5 numbers are..... (and the units/ context)
3. The reason why the numbers are presented the way they were


  1. 1)
    2)400 companies
    700000 publication
    1000 type
    3000 type
    3)it is useless for people to know the exact numbers

    The 5 numbers are:
    1,200 sqm
    1,100 pax (standing cocktail)
    800 pax (theatre seating)
    700 pax (sit-down dinner)

    600 sqm

    Capacity: 500 pax (standing)
    320 pax (sit-down dinner)
    200 pax (theatre seating)

    3, They would represent how much people can attend / sit in the respective places

  3. 1.
    2. 60 (Age), 37 (Years it has been open), 14 (Amount of galleries), 20,000 (Size of Science Centre), 1,000,000 (Number of students)
    3. If it was an exact number, the amount would be very high and estimating helps to save time.

  4. 1.
    2. 35 metres, 2,000 metres over sea level, 5768 visitors, 128 metre, 22 metres, 50 metres
    3. 35 is estimate, 2000 is estimate, 5768 is exact, 128 metre is estimate, 22 metres is exact and 50 metres is estimate

    1.Constructed at a cost of S$63 million
    2.occupies 35 hectares (86 acres) of secondary rainforest adjacent to the Singapore Zoo and Upper Seletar Reservoir.
    3.The Night Safari currently houses over 2,500 animals representing over 130 species,of which 38% are threatened species.
    4.The Night Safari is managed by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, and about 1.1 million visitors visit the safari per year.
    5.Date opened 26 May 1994

  6. 1.
    2.30th Anniversary 2014, 37 years since opening of Science Centre, 14 galleries and over 1000000 students and visitors.
    3.The numbers represent the facts of the Science Centre. For example, the Science centre has 14 galleries. So 14 is used to represent the number of galleries in the Science Centre.

    8 , 11500, 2007, 9, 10
    It represents the number of times the event was organised, the number of people participating, the years and the number of finalists

  8. 1.
    2.Singapore zoo is 26-hectares. Singapore zoo has over 300 species of mammals,birds and reptiles. Over 1.6 million visitors visit it. Opened in 1973. Ticket counter operates for 9 hours.
    3.To give the visitors info about the park. In order: Estimate,Estimate,Estimate,Exact,Exact

  9. 1.
    1)20000 cubic metre(estimated)
    2)3 months(estimated)
    4)29 January(exact)
    5)26 December(exact)
    3.Most people do not care about the exact number of something but for some numbers, the numbers should be exact so that visitors to the zoo will not be confused of when to go for some events.

  10. 1.
    2. The five numbers are 93681 (no. of people liked on Facebook), 5768 (no. of people rated excellent on trip advisor),
    30,000 pax (standing) (concert stage)
    7,200 pax (theatre seating) (concert stage)
    3,600 pax (sit-down dinner)Concert stage

    So that people can know how many people to invite

  11. Sentosa
    1)two golf courses,exact,for them to know that if one golf course is full and they still want to play there is another golf course
    2)14 hotels,exact,for the tourist to know that they can stay at the hotels in sentosa without worrying that they will not have a place to stay in
    3)2 km (1.2 mi) long sheltered beach,estimated ,to tell the tourist roughly how long the beach is
    4) The island has an area of close to 5 km2 to tell the tourist that the island is big
    4)70% of the island is covered by secondary rainforest,to tell the people who love nature that they can go there


    the five numbers are
    300 (species of mammals, birds and reptiles )
    26 (hectares)
    2800(number of animals)

    they are represented like that because the exact number is not needed.

  13. 1.
    2. The 5 numbers, context and units are...
    i) 2km waterfront promenade (Not exact)
    ii) 5 minutes
    iii) SBS Bus Service 158 (Exact)
    iiii) Tel: (+65) 6420 6848
    iiiii) 24 hours daily
    3. It would be useless to give people the exact measurement for the estimated numbers but for the exact numbers the exact number for a phone number or a bus service as they need to know it.

    5 numbers:
    688 metres ( the length of the trail) (estimated)
    31 million (number of rides worldwide) (estimated)
    85cm (at least to ride with an adult) (exact)
    $39 ( family pass) (exact)
    29 years (number of years ago it was invented) (estimated)
    3. People need not know the exact amount for some things and they would need to know the exact an=mount for the rest.

  15. 1.
    2. 5000 Birds
    400 species
    30m waterfall
    7 exhibits
    3. It is estimated as most of the numbers' last digit which could be counted are all 0

  16. 1.

    -Bay South Outdoor Gardens
    5:00 AM - 2:00 AM, Daily
    -Shuttle Service
    9:45 AM - 5:45 PM, Daily*
    *Service begins at 12:30 PM every 1st Monday of the month
    -Shuttle Service
    -OCBC Skyway
    $5(Adult) $5(Senior Citizen) $3(Children)
    -One Conservatory
    Local Resident Rate**
    $12(Adult)$8(Senior Citizen)$8(Children)

    3. Its exact as people need to know what their doing.

  17. 1.
    2. 45,000 design-related titles,some 30 students,After a seven-year wait,some 50 students and lecturers,received 105 applications
    3. 45,000(exact),30(estimated),7(estimated),50(estimated),105(exact)


    2)- Coordinates 1°24′14″N 103°47′39″E

    -28 ha (69 acres) of land

    - 1.6 million visitors annually

    -27 June 1973 opened

    -2530 animals in the zoo

    3) Sometimes there is no need for exact figures

  19. 1.Gardens by the bay
    2.1)12minutes, 93681likes,407carpark lots, 1200 sqm,1000 over species of plants.
    3. the duration for the show may be estimated,the number of likes is exact,the carpark lots are exact,the sqm of the restaurant is estimated the no. of species is also estimated.

    1. it allows ppl to understand the overview of gardens by the bay easily

  20. 1)

    1. 35 metre.
    2. 1000 to 3500 metres.
    3. $12.
    4. 128 metres.
    5. 162,900

    1. The estimated height of the man-made waterfall.
    2. The estimated place above sea level where the Tropical Montane.
    3. The exact rate for a local resident to visit one conservatory.
    4. The exact length of the OCBC Skyway.
    5. The estimated number of plants covering the Supertrees